Fourteen young Canadian docs die after getting the shot. Normally would be ~0 over 30 years. (

This is a list of just the docs my doctor friend in Canada heard about passively. In the past 30 years, he’s never heard of a single death like this. Not one. Now there are 14.

What do you think?

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1 year ago

wow what an utter *cough, cough* surprise! (*sarcasm) I am sure it’s just a “coincidence”. (^cough, choke, spasm, gag). Agenda 21 was renamed Agenda 30 because they didn’t meet the deadline they had in mind to dep*pulate us fast enough. In his TED talk, Bill Gates admits if the “vacc*nes do a good enough job, we can get the world population down by at least 10-15%”. Look it up. Wakey, wakey.

Screenshot_2020-05-16 Trump Mobilizes Military to Deliver Coronavirus Vaccine – Appoints Another Bill Gates Funded Big Phar[...].png
La La
La La
1 year ago
Reply to  Jason

Yes. Yes he did say that. I saw & heard it. Shady. πŸ’‰