Former Epstein mentor and New York Post owner Steven Hoffenberg found dead (

The 77 year old spent 18 years in prison after being convicted of running a $500m Ponzi scheme

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1 month ago

I know wiki is iffy but the article on Towers Financial Corp is interesting.

  • Largest US fraud until Bernie Madoff. $460 million was Hoffenberg’s take
  • Where Epstein made his money. Epstein was ripping off Hoffenberg as well.
  • Epstein involvement wasn’t common knowledge until 2020
  • This guy says that he didn’t roll on Epstein, b/c he was hooked in with DoJ and Intel like you couldn’t imagine. I forget the exact quote.
  • They were looking to take over Pan-Am as well until the Lockerbie bombing.

This guy was supposedly a changed man after prison (fraud not Epstein’s depravity) and actually befriended many people that Epstein had hurt. The woman that called in the health check on him was the first woman to report Epstein to the police and says this guy was liek a father figure. Just odd.