First person to identify as “nonbinary” renounces gender identity; claims it was a “sham” (

The first person to have their gender recognized as non-binary has legally reclaimed his birth name and male birth status and is now renouncing gender identity as fraud and pseudoscience.

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9 months ago

That’s sad. He should have realized it long ago, not sure why people go to psychologists to tell them who they are when they know better than anyone could. I am guessing if he put the time and effort to pray in the first place he’d have skipped this and not been a tool.

9 months ago

This is sad because this person was looking for happiness outside himself and went into the world for answers and this is what the world gave him.

There are many stories like this one. Ofcourse these stories are not hot items and mainstream media likes to hide them. They need no opposition to their sick agenda.