Detroit ice cream shop refuses to serve police on duty (

Cold Truth ice cream shop took to Instagram to say that they wouldn’t be serving any police wearing protective equipment. The post included a photo of a police car parked outside of the ice cream shop and a caption that read, “We can tolerate the parking . . . but we will not serve anyone wearing body armor.”

Vigilantcitizen wrote an article about “Sweet Jesus” ice cream, and it’s satanic images. VooDoo Donuts is another example, and of course pizza…Looking at “Cold Truth” I am seeing sacrilege too, with little horns on their cones, and some sort of ice cream prayer hands.

 These nutjobs really have a thing for junk foods. Trying to make being the anti-Christ seem delicious I guess. Makes me just want to eat salad.

What do you think?

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5 months ago

It’s discrimination. So someone is forced to make gay cakes but cops cannot buy ice cream?

….but what kind of person would want to go to a place serving satanic ice cream? And I didn’t see body armor.

5 months ago

ah, that’s cool. what number do you suppose they’ll be dialing if they ever get robbed? morons.