Dennis Meadows: Earth "can support …a billion people."

Dennis Meadows Interview (2017) co-author of Club of Rome’s Limits To Growth

According to its website, the Club of Rome is composed of “scientists, economists, businessmen, international high civil servants, heads of state and former heads of state from all five continents who are convinced that the future of humankind is not determined once and for all and that each human being can contribute to the improvement of our societies.”

Dennis Meadows was director of the Club of Rome’s “Predicament Of Mankind” project at MIT, which constructed the world model The Limits to Growth publication was based on

Club of Rome’s “Predicament Of Mankind” Project 1972

Club of Rome's "Predicament Of Mankind" Project 1972

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1 month ago

There’s always some talking head to tell us we don’t deserve to live. I never notice any of them volunteering altruistically to go.

1 month ago

The earth is currently supporting 7-8 billion people. How do these people who allegedly have so many resources arrive at completely false conclusions? I took a philosophy class in logic while I was in college. I learned that you can ‘prove’ almost any theory that you want to using logic. For example, a person can use logic to ‘prove’ that God exists while another person can ‘prove’ that God does not exist. Obviously, they cannot both be true which means that logic can be used to ‘prove’ a lie.

Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious
1 month ago
Reply to  Michele

It’s much worse than that… There’s NO 7-8 billion people on Earth AT ALL!
Worst hidden-in-plain-sight non-secret EVER! Biggest LIE in the entirety of human history!
Even worse than the fake moon landing!

Want to see the receipts? You could look them up for yourself anywhere. Any source, even the most overblown like wikipedia still suffices.

Just look up “world populations by country” pull out a calculator and start adding the official census numbers. Even if you use the most exaggerated data, you still won’t make it past 4 (FOUR) billion WORLDWIDE. And using the most nuanced data (which is probably the correct one) you won’t even get to pass the 3 billion mark (last time I checked it stalled at 2.85B).



There’s absolutely NOTHING to warrant the ridiculous spikes in these numbers.
Not only nothing has changed that much to warrant (even more) human reproduction, but actually lots of things have happened (worldwide) to curtail it! And they even say that people don’t reproduce enough so you need to allow ra*pefugees in! LOL! The audacity!

Every few years they even keep tacking on an extra BILLION like it’s nothing! LOL!

Go tell the ‘theorits to drop their freaky flat earth models and come give this a look!
A much juicer conspiracy super-easy to prove and demonstrate to the sheeple!
They can’t NOT get it! So either they just confront the facts or not!

Have fun researching this!

1 month ago

I just added up the population of china, india, and africa and it came to 3.99 billion so i think youre wrong

Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious
1 month ago
Reply to  Iii8

Like I said it depends on the data your looking at, but my point still stands: you won’t reach the fabled 7-8-even 9 billion they usually chant.
Population seems to be stuck at 5B worldwide and is NOT growing.
Also note that the most overblown numbers are from Asian countries… whose info can’t quite be trusted (eighter because of control [China] or poor measure [India]).
Last, bear in mind the “we are too many” discourse is told mostly to US -the west- a not the eastern countries.
Talking world population is stupid because the Americas and Europe are underpopulated actually, if anything overpopulation it’s an Eastern concern and yet here we are… being told to not reproduce…

1 month ago

There’s no way anyone on earth knows what the actual population of the earth is seeing as how millions of people don’t respond to censuses (I’m one of them, no way I’m the only one in America), AND they lie about everything else having to do with numbers. Whatever it is though, there’s plenty of space and resources for many more. The entire population of the earth is said to be able to fit into Texas, and that’s coming from the fake scientists in the mainstream. Weird how they forget they say things like that in public.