Rothschild & Co. Has Office in Russia, Contrary to Conspiracy Claims (

Rothschild and Co, one of the banks that retains the Rothschild family name, has an an office in Moscow and has been operating in Russia since the mid-1990s, according to a search of financial news reports on LexisNexis and found the recently web archive before they took it down.

The description specifically in Russia, which was on the Rothschild & Co. website as recently as Feb. 25th said: “Global Advisory has had an on-the-ground presence in Russia for over a decade. We provide impartial, expert advisory and execution services to large and mid-sized corporations, private equity, families and entrepreneurs. Our Moscow team offers local clients the full range of our advisory services and holds an in-depth understanding of local and regional dynamics, and unparalleled high-level and government access supported by our senior advisers.”

What do you think?

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26 days ago

Russia and Putin are not our ‘saviours’ either, despite the prevalent belief in those same conspiracy circles.
Russia too has a central bank, & acted in lockstep with WHO pandemic measures such as lockdowns. Putin himself has a shady intelligence background, & ties to Chabad Lubavitch organization & such.
Yes, they say & do some reasonable things from time to time; while appearing to offer an alternative to the current model.
But it is simply more controlled opposition masquerading as false hope.

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20 days ago
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Given that the company had zero deals in Russia starting from 2018, I think they might have been gone. Also, zero recruiting in Russia. So I think you might have been wrong on this one.

26 days ago

Interesting… Do y’all remember how the Rothschilds’ fortune came to be?