Public schools aren't just grooming your children to become transgenders: They're also drugging them with mind-altering pharmaceuticals (

The father of a public high school student in the state of Washington took to Twitter to reveal that his son was drugged by school administrators without the father’s knowledge or consent. It used to be that schools warned children about the dangers of taking drugs. Now, they are the ones doing the drugging.

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4 months ago

It’s obvious that the state thinks they fully own your child when you hand them over to their programs and camps, aka schools. Homeschooling is the ONLY way to protect them.

4 months ago

The school was clearly not trying to hide the medicine from the parents if they called him about it.
My bet is that this happened in a state where children can legally consent to private medical treatment and the child never told the parents about asking to see a professional therapist.

Edit: As it turns out that’s exactly what happened. Everything that is wrong about the situation could simply have been solved by the parents communicating with the school better.

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