New children’s books have a woke problem (

Last weekend, I picked up The Falcon’s Malteser by Anthony Horowitz, the first in his popular Diamond Brothers books for children, about two hapless gumshoe detectives. Amid a madcap plot, the characters include a “vertically challenged” man referred to as the “dwarf”, a skinny chap known as The Fat Man and a female charlady.

What do you think?

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2 months ago

“Re-gendered fairy tales in which princesses are no longer passive females rescued by princes might sound inoffensive” – if people actually bothered to read some fairy tales they would find out that the main female characters (who are often princesses) are anything but passive. They have good morals (or learn them) and are virtuous and good people, in a way that matters, and the story revolves around them growing up and facing various hardships. The prince or savior who comes in at the end is way more passive. We never get to know his background or personality like we do with the girl characters (there are other types of fairy tales where the roles are reversed and we have girls rescuing the boy at the end). This is just another thing that has been turned upside down and ruined. Telling fairy tales was in many ways a woman´s activity and it is a pretty female centric literary genre. So of course the woke mob needs to take it and ruin it and make it seem like it is not good enough, they say that about everything that has been a favorite with women throughout the ages. It is like women (and girls) and their hobbies and interests are seen as lesser in their eyes.