Mother sues school after they disciplined her daughter, 7, and forced her to make a public apology for writing ‘any life’ on a Black Lives Matter drawing (

Chelsea Boyle’s first-grade daughter, who has ADHD, was allegedly told by her principal that she ‘can’t draw pictures anymore’ after being disciplined for creating the ‘any lives’ matter drawing.

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John M
John M
29 days ago

And they go further, step by step indoctrinating the masses.

There is a big war on us. Know there are many people who can see through this hoax. Mass media simply won’t show this so it can appear everyone is into this nonsense.

Keep praying to the lord and keep educating people willing to be educated.
Stay strong.

29 days ago

Who would have known as a kid that someday, in a distant future, you would be punished or banned from society for saying “all lives matter” ?

28 days ago

She was failed.

That was their opportunity to explain that some of her friends are treated differently in society sometimes; they suspended her to hide their own incomprehension.