DISTURBING: The new trailer for upcoming satanic video game 'Cult of the Lamb'

DISTURBING: The game starts as you (the last lamb) are walloped on the altar in front of four evil bishops. They collectively resemble a jigsawed assortment of the bits that go into sausages: eyes, lips, toenails, I guess that looks like an arm? They and their berobed worshippers are exterminating all the lambs they can find, but the joke’s on them, because you are immediately resurrected by an eldritch occult god trapped in some kind of phantom zone. In return, you agree to do their dark bidding. Your goals are to slaughter the bishops and their minions, and build up your ceremonious cult.

What do you think?

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10 months ago

Wow! Entertainment these days🤦🏽‍♂️

Steven Casteel
Steven Casteel
10 months ago

Y’all clutching your pearls at this game look so ridiculous. This game is no more “demonic” than Doom or Diablo, or hell, even Call of Duty with all the senseless murder in it.

Video games are a playground for fantasy. Is this a low vibration idea? I think so. But it isn’t worth getting your panties in a twist.