Dark Satanic Occult Tarot Game 'EXIT VEIL' in Development

Dark Satanic Occult & Tarot Game ‘EXIT VEIL’ in Development. 

From the creators of Tokyo Dark, EXIT VEIL is an occult-themed JRPG with a fully integrated tarot deck currently in development for PC and Consoles.


“EXIT VEIL is inspired by our passions. If you enjoy the works of Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Aleister Crowley, TOOL, Tarot cards, Magick, the occult & psychedelic weirdness. Then pull up a chair dear friend. You will feel very welcome here.”

What do you think?

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2 months ago

The tarot is very dark. The fool card that starts the deck is Dionysus/Shiva, who is Satan. I believe it represents the fall into the corrupt material world. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn claims the cards are derived from the sephirot of the kabbalah, which is a diagram of the fallen world. A.E Waite who co-created the Rider-Waite deck was a follower of Eliphas Levi, who drew the infamous Baphomet picture.

2 months ago
Reply to  Fleurdamour

Bacchus is not Satan, you have only been made to percieve what he stands for as evil.

Roman emperor Constantine the Great did two things to help Christianity, practically a small sect until that time, enter Europe. Primarily, the Edict of Milan in 313 AD which decreed tolerance for Christianity in the Roman Empire. Secondarily, the First Council of Nicea in 325 AD in which he proclaimed Christianity the official religion of the Empire.

The problem? Just because the emperor says “y’all will now believe this” people don’t switch that easy. The people weren’t ready to give up their gods. Just a reminder the polytheistic religion of the Romans until then was based on Greek religion and their gods were personifications of natural forces (like most religions in Europe at the time, Slavic, Norse, Germánico etc). They were basically adoring and communication with nature.

One of the Greek/Roman gods most symbolic of those deep ties with nature are gods Pan (his Roman version is Faunus) and Dionysus (Romney version was God Bacchus). Pan was the good of wilderness, pastures, shepherds, mountain wilderness, feritlity and rustic music. He would play his flute, and run the rough the woods and pastures in the company of beautiful nymphs. He was half human, half animal, with his legs being the hind legs of an animal with hooves and with goat horns on his head. People didn’t adore Pan in temples and official buildings, he was adored in the forests and groves and was adored in spring. He was a symbol of fertility and fertile power of nature.

Dionysus was one of the most important gods (and cults) in pre-Christian ancient world. He was a God of winemaking, wine, fall harvest, fertility, ritual madness and theatre, among other things. There is a strong connection between Dionysus and sexuality, sexual freedom, extasy, dance and music. He was a god in human form, accompanied by wild exotic animals, wild female followers and men with erect penises. Dionysus was androgynous, neither a man nor a woman or both. Dionysus or Bacchus is the exact reason for the modern term “bacchanalia” meaning “drunken extasy”. It is a fact that his cult existed at least as early as 1500 BC (when Christianity wasn’t even a thought). Imagine what kind of influence and old cult like Dionysus had!

Now let’s contrast the ideals (gods) of this world with those of then, at the time, new monotheistic religion of Christianity. It brought unusual dualistic concepts of Good (God) and Evil (Satan), Heaven and Hell, strictly man and strictly woman (so opposite from Dionysus’ androgyny). Ideas that the body and sexuality are sinful, that dance and music that invoke pleasure and extasy are sins etc. Remember that Christianity today is a very, very watered down and user friendly institution, so to say. Back in the day, they were hardcore, serious and somber crowd.

Christianity had to be “sold” to the people who still adored the old gods. How do you that? Marketing, same as today. This was in fact the original branding and counter-branding.

First the called the old religion “pagan” which means “of peasants” discrediting it as the reIigion of the poor, uncivilized and uneducated. Then they took all the symbols of the wildest and freest gods, Pan and Dionysus and said that that’s exactly what Satan, the prince of darkness and the cause of all bad in the world looks like (Pan looked exactly like Satan does – hooved animal hind legs, horns of a goat). The didn’t want people thinking that adoring gods of nature was OK (you should be in a church, where they can supervise). They didn’t want people thinking that it’s OK to enjoy sex (and wine for that matter lol). They didn’t want them to adore nature (nature is wild and wild is evil). They didn’t want people to be empowered and believe that they’re close to the gods (Slavic people even believed that they’re equals to the gods!), but they wanted them to fear God very much and be obedient. Christianity was a perfect religion if you wanted to have a huge Empire (which Constantine the Great did) because it keeps people humble and fearful.

And so it happened. The old gods became Satan, and the new God started his rule. Nature is not to be adored but a wild thing to be reined in and exploited. And here we are, in the wonderful world we made lol.

Sue Speight
Sue Speight
2 months ago
Reply to  Eee

Fantastic post! Thank you very much for this information.