Conspiracy of Silence (Banned Discovery Channel Documentary on the Elites and Pedophilia)

Conspiracy of Silence is a 1993 documentary about the Franklin child prostitution ring in Omaha, Nebraska. It was produced for the Discovery Channel, but was mysteriously and abruptly stopped from releasing at the last moment. It exposes systematic pedophilia among wealthy elites in the United States that was covered up, likely with the help of the FBI.

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4 months ago

Even if the documentary was released back then. People would be outraged for one second and then continue on with there day. They wouldn’t be able to comprehend punishing these people themselves.

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4 months ago

This doc was supposed to air on the Discovery Channel back in the 90’s. It got pulled at the last minute. Very sad. Paul Bonacci (Monarch mind control vitctim) actually claims at one point, not sure if it’s in the doc or in his other interviews, that he or his alter actually helped kidnap Johnny Gosch (the first missing kid on the milk carton).
There’s another video of him with Nebraska Senator and author of The Franklin Cover-up where he’s giving his deposition to the judge and he keeps jumping back and fourth between his different alters.

3 months ago

I remember when I saw this years ago. The documentary Who Took Johnny? about the extremely bizarre disappearance of Johnny Gosch got me started down this path. Anyway, this is one of the most important documentaries I feel has ever been made. The way it ended broke my heart even though I knew it could only end that way. After this was over, I lied face down on my bed and wept for a solid hour, maybe longer. It took something from me. But it woke me up.

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