Companies told their push for diversity 'does more harm than good' in new study (

A NEW study has found that people from diverse backgrounds are less likely to apply to companies that claim to be woke “to boost their bottom line”.

What do you think?

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17 days ago

The whole point of diversity quotas is to fracture people in to smaller and smaller groups, so when the NWO come in with their “peacekeepers” it will be easier to take over. Divide and conquer. If true equality was on the agenda all the pc/woke rubbish would be sidelined and rights for all would be the main goal

17 days ago

Duh. It’s incredibly racist.

16 days ago

No one wants to be the “diversity hire.” At least, no one with healthy self-respect. And so, the good workers take their skills to a company that wants to utilize their skills rather than make a statement, while the lazy workers apply to the woke companies because they know it’ll be racist/sexist/otherwise bigoted to fire them. Thus, the woke companies are basically enslaved to the woke mob. The woke mob is essentially enslaved to the elites who tell them how they should be offended. But the elites are the ones who run the woke companies, creating what seems to be a circle of enslavement. Que bono? We, of course, know the answer: Ordo ab chao. They believe that the destruction of moral fabric and capitalist enterprise will reduce the masses to giving up their rights and selling themselves for food and housing. The owners of these companies don’t care about their companies, but, in the long term, acquiring the possessions of the people and having power over them.

All that to say, the results of studies like this will have no bearing on their practices, because the results are in line with their goals. As a side benefit, those smaller woke companies who destroy themselves further centralize power in the mega corporations and paint the picture that capitalism has failed.