Bill Gates pushes lab-grown "human milk" amid infant formula shortages (

Bill Gates is now pushing to stop breastfeeding and instead encourages feeding babies with BIOMILQ, which is a cell-cultured breast milk made in a lab, along with other types of fake food. 

There is nothing really miraculous about synthetic, lab-grown food alternatives: It cannot be compared to food that comes from nature in terms of nutrition or environmental protection. And as seen in infant formula shortages, being dependent on them will make people dependent on a handful of companies that manufacture them.

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Josecan Yousee
Josecan Yousee
5 months ago

What a shocking coincidence, shortage of formula and Gates has this, huh…. Just like a gene therapy shot that he invested heavily in right before a fake pandemic. Boy he must be able to see the future or something. I wonder what other things he’s doing to destroy the world and make him richer.