Prince Andrew should be forgiven over scandal, Archbishop of Canterbury suggests (

Prince Andrew has been handed support from a high profile figure for the first time as the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby urges forgiveness in the wake of his Virginia Guiffre settlement

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1 month ago

It annoys me the most when the Archbishop guy says that Andrew is, “making amends.” To whom is he making amends?? He did an interview and lied about the whole thing. How is that making amends if you refuse to even admit what you did? I’ve no doubt that the other royals have done much worse things to children. Andrew just got caught, that’s the only difference.

1 month ago

So…just to be clear:

Prince Andrew claims he is innocent, but paid £12m to a woman he claims to have never met, and now the Archbishop of Canterbury is claiming that we should forgive Prince Andrew of this crime or sins, but these are the same sins that Prince Andrew said he never committed but paid out £12m in some kind of agreement with said woman he’d never met.

Alright then(!)