New Star Trek spin-off depicts Jan. 6 riot leading to 'Second Civil War' and 'World War III' (

The episode showed clips of what appeared to be January 6’s Save America Rally, followed by increasing conflict and eventual nuclear war.

What do you think?

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1 year ago

Yes and then all the world begged for a one world government and it solved all the problems 🙄 Been doing research lately finding out that atomic bombs are not real in the sense that we’ve been told (zero proof for them) and I now firmly see after years of research that the earth is not a globe. These images are used millions and millions of times through our lives, almost always inciting fear, and that begs the question….W H Y ?????? Anything that’s shoved down your throat on a consistent basis and used for fear emotions needs to be disbelieved. So I think this goes far beyond propagandizing the Jan 6 false flag, I think the far bigger point of this is to reinforce that you need a one world government to save you. Oh, and that women who look like men and are cool 🙄 Keep your mind away from this trash, it’s not entertainment in any way shape or form.

1 year ago
Reply to  Iliketrees

Yes, years ago when I was learning about our true cosmology, I watched many videos of the sun rising over the ocean. Then I started looking into the nuclear bomb stuff. The footage of nuke tests from the 40s was clearly footage of the sun overlayed with smoke and debris. The war-loving rulers of the world worship the sun and want us to fear their god.