Kill Humans And Sell Them As Food In This Disgusting Horror Game (

“Bad Vice Games’ Ravenous Devils was released in April to very little fanfare – but thanks to a viral TikTok, it’s now getting a ton of attention due to its incredibly disturbing premise. If you’ve ever dreamt of playing a horror cooking simulator, what is wrong with you – but also, I have just the game for you. Ravenous Devils is exactly that. You kill people, cook them, and sell your fleshy wares. Help.”

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6 months ago

As a gamer, this isn’t something I’d be into. Thinking about this, several non-horror games have cannibalism. I enjoy Bethesda’s open worlds in the Fallout & Elder Scrolls franchises. Since coming to this site, I’ve noticed a few things here and there that make me wonder what Todd “God” Howard is up to. One of those things is cannibalism in both game series. And then Besthesda was bought by Bill Gates.