Coles supermarket in Australia offering all employees who identify as “trans” 10 extra days of paid leave for some reason (

A major supermarket chain Down Under is making global headlines for offering its transgender employees 10 more days off of paid leave than its non-transgender employees. Coles supermarket announced that it is aware of “at least 900 team members who identify as transgender or gender diverse” and wants to ensure that they receive special treatment.

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29 days ago

We really need to stop this trend it is so ludicrous. To crash their party maybe groups should all identify as 9 people each with all different genders.
In the end we all came out of a womb from a woman. We all know women or wombmen have wombs. Maybe we need to just go by whichever chromosomes we have to make it easier for the logically challenged.

30 days ago

How is the claim verified?