A Cult Deprogrammer Said One 'Midsommar' Scene Shows a 'Trance-Inducing Process' That Helps Cults Manipulate Members (

Learn what a real-life cult deprogrammer thinks about Ari Aster’s terrifying 2019 thriller movie, Midsommar.

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1 month ago

In the video, he describes exactly what we’ve been seeing the last 2 years. The group mimicking each other and losing their individuality and humanity, everyone putting muzzles on their faces, pretending that getting ill has never happened to them or anyone else before, mass amnesia about any reality before 2020, following an insane narrative with no basis in reality about an illness that doesn’t exist and talking about it like it’s real with each other when it only exists in television. They even go so far as to be told the whole thing is a hoax by the cult leaders on television when they admitted their “tests” are fake and still the majority of the world uses programmed language to affirm the narrative to each other using words like pandemic and safety in every other sentence when there is no pandemic but they were told by the television to repeat that word over and over again. The powers that should not be have literally mass mind controlled the majority of the world with these techniques. Since the moment they announced their scamdemic I have called people cult members who buy into “the virus”, and I mean that literally.

1 month ago

That was such a sick, disturbing movie, especially as it so saccharinely aligns with the elite as regarding everyone except themselves.