A candidate for the French legislative replaced because he was "too white", despite being a native American

Claudio Calfuquir on Twitter:

“The question of “racialized” is raised by opposing me as a white man. We do everything to disqualify militant paths and lives, struggles that have demonstrated their conviction, their seriousness and their perseverance. But it’s the ultimate “argument” that makes me react. Well, to tell you the truth, I have just discovered a new color. With my multiple nationalities and my different passports, I had already had comparisons of being Caucasian, Afghan, from Bangladesh, from the Maghreb, from Italy and from everywhere. being red-skinned through my Mapuche #Chile origins, a Latino but not yet that of a white man. I take it with derision but it is hurtful for my comrades who were accused of defending a “non-racialized white male”. I just sound the alarm bell because comrades are shocked.
If we accept a selection based on skin color, tomorrow we will analyze everyone’s clothing, weight, height, physique and many other things… Especially since the argument not “racialized” concerning me… it’s a bit strong of coffee (no pun intended). Having grown up in the HLM housing estates of Seine-Saint-Denis (almost no UP candidate/candidate in this case in 93), social housing and ZEP college (at the time). Between us, we did not look at our skin color or our religion. We looked at our friendships, our sorrows, our joys, our fears, our neighborhood, our differences and our similarities without any color quota. Because we are multicolored.”

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