ZOOTARDS ON PARADE: Toronto Zoo absurdly claims its animals are VOLUNTARILY getting injected with the COVID vaccine (

The Toronto Zoo absurdly claimed that animals under its care are “voluntarily” getting injected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, implying that zoo animals are granting informed consent to be injected with experimental injections that come with the risk of serious side effects or death. Toronto Zoo CEO Dolf DeJong told Canadian news outlet CP24: […]

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5 months ago

According to their press release, even animals are given the choice. While humans are not. Therefore humans have been treated worse than animals for the past 2 years.
I don’t know why but the whole story sounds like a tong-in-cheek reference to how certain humans acted during the past years: ” these are voluntary inoculations. The animals choose to come over and interact with the animal care staff, and then are delivered the vaccine. Some days, they participate; some days, they don’t.” And at the end “desirable treats were often used as a reward for their participation”. They speak about animals but it reminds about the “desirable treats” that humans actually received…