People are developing trauma-like symptoms as the pandemic wears on (

Stress, burnout, and uncertainty are all common experiences in the pandemic. But is it trauma? Experts are debating the term, but it’s clear a mental health crisis is looming.

What do you think?

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10 months ago

There is no pandemic. The powers that should not be are using torture and mk ultra techniques on the entire population of the world with one lie after another, and people are eagerly gorging themselves on the fear p**n.

9 months ago

In my experience, it was not the virus that was traumatizing, it was trying to live a normal life in the middle of a sudden dystopia.
All of a sudden everyone’s faces disappeared, work stopped, all places were closed off, even public parks became gated and locked. Friends and family would no longer see me out of fear.
The list goes on and on. It was nuts, and it will probably take some time to get over. The fearful are still fearful, so yeah, something is definitely still wrong in their brains and I do pity them.

I mean, still two years later there’s weirdness? People are still restricting their visits to “only the jabbed”, there are still plastic barriers, and masked people, and stickers all over floors, and certain places disallowing anyone without a face-diaper… the list goes on and on. *face palm*.

And I wasn’t even in the worst area in the world! There are MUCH worse stories of dystopia that happened/are still happening in other places.