Mysterious spate of hepatitis which has now sickened 108 children in the UK may be partly due to lockdowns weakening their immunity, experts say (

Scottish experts investigating the spate of hepatitis said reduced interactions during lockdowns may have weakened children’s immunity, making them more at risk of adenovirus.

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9 months ago

From what I’ve been reading the “vaccine” is being linked to an explosion of hepatitis, AIDS, certain cancers, and a bunch of different neurological disorders.

But it’s safe and effective 😒

I wonder if the kids were vaxxed

Gabrielle Gilbert
Gabrielle Gilbert
9 months ago

A recent study I read on ARONIA BERRIES (AKA/CHOKEBERRIES) concluded thry are just as , if not more, effective at treating Sars, Adenovirus, Covid, .. I wish the parents knew!! 🐞