Mom Gives Fiery Speech After Teacher Allegedly Tried To Teach 8-Year-Olds About 'Sexual Orientation'

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5 months ago

I look at this video and I look back and know that I did right by my two by stamping out certain societal prescribed doctrines out of their lives (Halloween, for one) and know that they are two very well adjusted young adults now. Protect your children’s young ears, eyes, hearts and minds. They are so vulnerable.

5 months ago

I have two sons. One went through all of his school years in public school. The other, I started homeschooling in 6th grade, he is in tenth grade now. It’s an interesting social experiment that I wasn’t intentionally trying to do but I have a very unique perspective as I now see two brothers from the same family with different schooling and how completely different they are now. As for anyone that wants to know why I took one son out and left the other in public school, the son in public school absolutely would not be homeschooled, it would have been a very very ugly battle. My youngest son jumped at the chance and now they are world’s apart.