Illumin80's – Eurythmics' Missionary Man

This video has original sin imagery and MK Ultra symbolism (Annie Lennox created in an alchemical alembic, plugged into machinery, hypnotized by possible handler Dave Stewart, multiple versions of her accessed by unzipping her clothes, a black and white Masonic floor in a hallway with doors leading to separate rooms representing dissociated states of mind and decorated with statues of pagan gods (ie, demons) and transhumanism when Lennox glitches out like a machine).  The lyrics also advise avoiding a Christian preacher.  

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9 months ago

Watching this I kept thinking they both seem like trannys. I looked at some old pictures and I’m pretty sure they both are. There have been long time rumors about Annie but no one ever talks about David.

Annie’s 2 daughters definitely seem trans one is named Lola. Tali, the 1st daughter’s “boyfriend” (very effeminate looking) died mysteriously in a kayaking incident in the East river they were both on.

Tons of occult themes throughout their work.