Illumin80's – Bananarama's Venus

This video has Aphrodite, vampires, fallen angels, a female devil and black and white duality expressed through the costuming.  When I first saw it long ago I wondered why the imagery was so dark if it was about the goddess of love. Now I understand that the pagan “great goddess” Venus/Aphrodite/Ishtar/Innana/Cybele/Rhea/etc. is an aspect of Satan, usually paired with a male counterpart, a son, brother, lover or husband such as Cupid, Apollo, Tammuz, Adonis. And the people who made this video understood that, too. 

Bonus:  Siobhan Fahey from this band was married to (or handled by) Dave Stewart from Eurythmics, one of the creepiest people to come to prominence in 1980’s pop culture. 

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