Former Disney Channel child actor claims network hyper sexualized female costars (

Cole Sprouse explained that nearly all former female Disney stars that have gone through “trauma” have all been hypersexualized as a child in Hollywood.

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1 month ago

Disney forced him to dress as a girl twice when he was on Zack and Cody. But they didn’t force his brother. Oh and he was in a movie a year before where he was forced to dress as a girl and so was his brother who played the same person.

In the movie Marilyn Manson was one of his abusers and his mom was Asia Argento who prostituted him out dressed as a girl when he was 10 years old. It’s called The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things. Asia is rumored to have sacrificed Anthony Bourdain who mysteriously committed suicide while filming one of his travel shows and her dad is a creepy Italian horror movie director.

1 month ago

Bourdain faked his death big time, dear!