BBC Guide Tells Parents to "Examine Their Biases" if Their Toddler Only Has White Friends – The Daily Sceptic (

Parents should “examine their own internal biases” on race if their toddler only has white friends and teach them about ‘white privilege’, according to the BBC’s early-years guidance.

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WillieJones Jr
WillieJones Jr
9 months ago

Live in an all- white area (you RAYCISS pig!)? Start bussing in the coloreds. Let them move in with you. Feed and clothe them while you’re at it, oppressor!

Kids navigate towards who they navigate towards. In all my years I’ve never seen a toddler turn down a playmate bc of how they looked. They just don’t care. Other kids are pretty much arses filling seats to toddlers and kids do not care who they play with. It doesn’t matter if the kid can talk, poops in a diaper, is short tall fat or wide.
If a kid is in the vicinity and they have a shared interest– they’re playing.

Its just not this serious.