Symbolic Mosaic at the Pfizer World Headquarters

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1 year ago

VC is awesome!

1 year ago

It’s called “Medical Research Through the Ages” and it clearly shows that “modern” pharma has roots in ancient magic and witchcraft:

1 year ago

Interesting moto inside the building stating, “Breakthroughs that change Patients”.

Yes, mRNA and DNA vector infusions (called vaccines) will indeed “change” Patients – but into what?

The Alchemical references on the wall are also not lost. Remember Alchemy litterally translated from its Arabic root is “The Chemical” – or more specifically “The Molecule”.

But what molecule? DNA “The molecule of life”?

Alchemy and “magik” to change one “thing” (life form) into another?

Remember, Alchemy is not about the Profane belief of turning Lead into Gold as many think, no, “Alchemy” to the initiated is about changing “Clay” (look up in the Bible what Clay is – clue – its life) so that it can be cleaved into (growing embryos cleave) into “Iron” (iron being the basic metal for technology -steel and alloys etc (see also the prophecy of Daniel and the merging / cleaving of Clay with Iron which foretells of todays Transhumanism agenda (of merging flesh with machines – ie clay with iron).

From the images and writing seen on that wall it is clear that real Sorcery (the meaning of the word “Pharmakia” from which we get “Phrmaceuticals”) is being combined with Alchemy to create something “new” – the merger of clay with iron, or in todays language the creation of a synthetic lifeform combining DNA with technology.

This is so deep. The last time this happened on the Earth – where the genetics of all life was corrupted (we would call it GMO and Transgenics today) – the whole planet was “Reset” by God in the great flood. Are we living through era where the Satanic elite are trying to “Reset” life on this planet themselves – a Satanic “Great Reset” perhaps?