My Traumatizing Years With Bryan Singer (

In this first-person account, Blake Stuerman, 30, details his experiences over his four years with the filmmaker Bryan Singer, who came to prominence as a director with 1995’s “The Usual Suspects,”…

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  1. People need to stop protecting their income. They can find other jobs. THey will be respected as heroes. Yeah, maybe you won’t be making six-figures, but how can one go to sleep at night knowing abuse goes on and they have every means to expose the WHO and the WHERE.

    Maybe it’s deeper than money. Maybe it’s their lives. Their family’s lives. But if it is all exposed, then it all can change. If things are exposed, and then those people end up off’d, wouldn’t that be rather obvious?

  2. We definitely need more studios outside of hornywood. Fully independent and non-sociopathic ones. I wish this guy well, and hope he can soon create stories/movies that he’ll own the full rights to.

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