Tesco Ad With Santa Showing a Vax Passport

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6 months ago

When I first viewed the commercial, I thought it was comical, because I was born in England.
I don’t know if that vaccine passport is appropriate to show, because it’s instilling fear.
Would love to hear some Brits take on this also. Is kind of bizzaro

6 months ago
Reply to  unseenwalls

All advertising in the UK is incredibly woke now. All couples depicted are mixed race for some reason too – one black person and one white person.

6 months ago

“They” (those ruled by the devil) want to take away everything that God gives:

“Kill the baby, kill the child, because God gives, we take.
Fill you with drugs/chemicals beginning at birth because the body God gave isn’t strong enough.
Change your gender, sex, race etc because the way you were born isn’t good enough.
Cover yourself with endless fakeries and surround yourself with material goods because you are not enough.
Love is something other than Godly, because God is not enough.”

The devil wanted to be higher than God. God gave us free-will, freedom, forgiveness in the form of Jesus’ sacrifice. But
“Give people freedom? No way. We need obedience to the state, because anything you do isn’t good enough.
Oh and P.S. God put you on the earth, so… we’re trying to take your life as well.”

5 months ago

Nothing is stopping you from meeting with family. Unless of course you refuse the injections. Then we will absolutely stop you, fine you, then quarantine you for endangering grandma.

Also… notice how there weren’t any masks in the commercial?