Cancer cases rising: covid virus blamed but not the vaccine.

Doctors are worried that cancer rates are spiking and rare cancers are being seen in younger patients normally seen in older ones.

From the article:

“I’ve been in practice 23 years and have never seen anything like this,” Patel, CEO of Carolina Blood and Cancer Care Associates, later recalled. Asutosh Gor, another oncologist, agreed: “We were all shaken.”

There was other weirdness, too: multiple patients contending with multiple types of cancer arising almost simultaneously, and more than a dozen new cases of other rare cancers.

The covid virus is suspected but no mention of the vaccine.  Many doctors that sounded the alarm about the vaccine across many podcasts forecasted a spike in cancers, blood disorders and heart issues.


‘Unusual’ cancers emerged after the pandemic. Doctors ask if covid is to blame.

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12 days ago

As a side note:

It’s worth the extra cost to buy food that’s marked as organic. Certain types of crops have been bioengineered to withstand glyphosate, and so the farmers are spraying it directly onto the crops instead of only on the weeds. The crops actually absorb the chemical and this is why the glyphosate levels in popular cereals have been found at significantly higher levels than is deemed “safe.”

If the crops are organic that means they aren’t engineered (hopefully), and won’t be sprayed directly.

Glyphosate is probably one of the reasons cancer is prevalent in America, but I also agree that the shots are causing it too.

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