Tottenham Hotspur player Son Heung-min

“Outside of football, Son is viewed as a symbol of national pride in South Korea for his achievements, and has been listed in Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40 since 2019, where he ranked second in 2023”.

Read this and wondered whether he was also co-opted into the occult elite. I thought a very talented person like him could escape but I guess not. 

I randomly came across this picture and was kinda disappointed. Until then, I was very impressed by what he had achieved, in that he is a trailblazer for south east asians in football at such a young age.

Seems like someone else posted about him here too😬:

Very nasty how the occult elite corrupts and infiltrates talented people.

Can they just keep their grubby fingers to themselves?

What do you think?

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25 days ago

He’s one of them…

22 days ago

Actually in Korea, that’s one of the “cool and cute” gestures they have been taught is trendy when taking photos. Most of them don’t even know the symbolism, they just think it’s one way to be cute. A lot of these famous people don’t actually know.