Tech giants will begin omitting search results from certain news sites …

The state of California has proposed a “journalism usage tax” law (pending approval from Senate and governor) in favor of conglomerate news sites struggling to stay afloat like the Los Angeles Times.  Are they protecting their propaganda machine? 

This only applies to large tech companies.  In response, Google and Meta has decided to omitt links to the news site to protest or prevent them from having to pay this “journalism usage tax”.

Is the state of California making it difficult to get access to information by imposing an unfair tax to help these publications whom are past their prime and purpose?  

Is this the first step to censorship by making it a liability to spread information?

What is going on here? 

Thoughts on this?


What do you think?

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1 month ago

They’ve been omitting results for years. Please guys do not use Google for important searches that the one eyes disagree with you on. You will get repeating results and omitted information, you will get data generated to program your thoughts and feelings. Almost every search engine does it but Google is one of the absolute worst. Use several engines, don’t take the first page results as the most important unless it’s about something less edited.

1 month ago

News websites just need to cooperate and all apply this tax on a federal level in all states. Then Google will have no option but to bow down.

Not a big fan of news propaganda machines, but seeing Google get punched will be nice. Especially now.