Symbolic? Watch lightning strike the Statue of Liberty, emerge from her torch (

A flash of lightning striking the Statue of Liberty was captured by photographer Dan Martland as a powerful storm hit the northeast this week.

… Two days before the earthquake in New York.  Lightning strikes the statue of liberty right on the torch she is proudly lifting.


What do you think?

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1 month ago

That thing depicts Lucifer’s female half, the “great goddess”. It was a present from French Freemasons to American ones.

1 month ago

There’s been a lot of ‘apocalyptic’ strange weather recently. Even my friend in another country noticed it unprompted.

My pastor says that sometimes strange weather can be a sign of spiritual warfare.

Like in Daniel, angel Gabriel was fighting with a demon for 20 something days before he was able to deliver a message to Daniel.

He said that even that time when Jesus calmed the storm, it’s possible that it was stirred up by some demonic force, etc.

He also said that demonic activity tends to increase around prophetic events.

Jesus was the first to cast out demons in the Bible.

So perhaps, this general increase in demonic activity can be a sign that His second coming is close.

They are starting to go wild.

1 month ago
Reply to  Ruth

Could be spiritual warfare, but most likely the strange weather is the result of chemtrails, HAARP, etc. We’ve had an abnormally mild winter where I live, along with an abnormal amount of fake white clouds in the sky.