Trudeau, the Chinese and … Covid?

Trudeau attempted to hide government documents relating to a possible breach concerning a top scientist, a Dr. Chu, head of the “special pathogens unit” at a secure Winnipeg lab.  Apparently, this scientist had access to sensitive information and had been sending some of this back to base, communist China.   

Was he sending and receiving pathogens too?  Was he there to monitor the virus infection data in Canada.  Did the Canadian government under Trudeau had something to do with the proliferation of Covid?

Looks like comrade Trudeau bows to Xi Jinping.  He would make his daddy Castro so proud, working for the people and all.

This covid fiasco is getting juicier and juicier.  Looks like Klaus, the WEF, Bill Gates and their favorite test lab, China, are all in on it.  There is no doubt at this point.

What do you think?

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1 month ago

Trump the father of the vaccine Biden and all their cabinet still say it’s effective and safe despite the evidence in court coming to the surface. None of them work for ya