The media has gone from “the deep state isn’t real” to “the deep state is a good thing” pretty fast

What do you think?

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26 days ago

Makes sense because people are catching on now.

Paul James
Paul James
25 days ago

The same Deep State that shot Seth Rich in the back of the head, because he saw Hillary doing something she wasn’t supposed to?
The same Deep State that killed Michael Hastings, who had some dirt on the CIA?
The same Deep State that lied endlessly to Americans about Saddam’s non-existent WMDs’ resulting in the Coalition of the Killing murdering over one million Iraqis?
The same Deep State that lied about the Stalin starvation of over 8 million Ukrainians, that the Times helped to cover up?

23 days ago

Only a fool or a liar would say the deep state is pretty awesome. They are 100% what is wrong with our government. The endless amount of non-elected officials, agents and bean-counters are the boot that’s on every LEGAL Americans back. I say Legal because illegals are put on a pedestal.