How long before this is enforceable?

A trans named “India Willoughby” has taken steps to call police and attempt to file a report against J.K. Rowling.

From the article:

‘Willoughby, who was born male and underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2015, made a complaint to police over Rowling’s posts on X, formerly Twitter, claiming she had “definitely committed a crime”.

The broadcaster, who holds a gender recognition certificate, claimed to be “legally a woman”, although Rowling pointed out there was no law which compelled her to “pretend” that Willoughby was a woman.’

He holds a certificate certifying his female identity.  S**t, we need certificates of authentication for our gender to be validated?  And who decides this?

“Misgendering not criminal
Legal commentators accused Willoughby of misunderstanding English law, as, while hostility to someone based on gender identity can be an aggravating factor if a separate crime is committed, misgendering was not in itself a criminal offence.”

No legal basis, for now …. to pursue criminal charges.

‘‘He craves publicity’
She said: “Some time ago, lawyers advised me that not only did I have a clearly winnable case against India Willoughby for defamation, but that India’s obsessive targeting of me over the past few years may meet the legal threshold for harassment.’

I love how she still pisses them off by misgendering them.  Rowling should pursue harrasment claims.


JK Rowling reported to police by trans activist India Willoughby for misgendering

What do you think?

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1 month ago

Telling the truth is a crime, in 2024 i wonder if it will be death penalty in 2030 ?? Just thinking …

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1 month ago

Witches, satanists, etc. try to create change through duality. Baphomet is a symbol of duality in that he is depicted as both male and female. Some transsexuals, especially those who are witches, satanists, etc., consider themselves to be special and possessing of special power since they mutilate themselves in an effort to become like baphomet. That is why so many celebrities are trans or raise their children to be trans bc they think it garners special kinds of demon possession. Witches like JKRowling then come out and try to practice duality by playing good cop, bad cop. Rowling acts like she opposes transsexuality at which point some other person acts like she/he/it approves of mutilating yourself. This duality then makes the news in an effort to encourage changes in your mind, society, and the law. Duality is practiced in a effort to move the line of morality from believing in God to believing in oneself, satan/baal/lucifer/demons, nature, etc. JKRowling is likely being paid to play the good cop against all the so called bad cops that come out against her. Both the good cop and bad cop are still part of the system though.

Another example is Jessie Czeboter. She is being paid for ‘revelation of the method’. She actually claims that the synagogue of satan is composed of a light side and dark side. Both the light and dark side are still part of lucifer/satan though. Jessie claims that she is part of the light side which means she is still a part of the system. Her revelation of the method is actually teaching minions about how to practice her particular brand of darkness that she calls light.

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