Google handed over private information to federal investigators …

Authorities investigating a cryptocurrency launderer has requested Google, who owns youtube, to hand over user activity pertaining to links of public tutorials that were sent to the suspect as part of the investigation.

Unfortunately, for those whom viewed these videos and had nothing to do with the case, had their privacy severely violated.  As it turns out, many users private data was harvested just because they happened to watch a tutorial on youtube that was sent to the suspect.  Names, addresses, telephone numbers and viewing history was requested.

This is pretty darn scary.  They essentially threw a huge net and caught many innocent people in hopes of catching the few they were after.  This also makes me think if the federal government is already doing something similar relating to conspiracy or anti-government videos posted to youtube.


If you watched certain YouTube videos, investigators demanded your data from Google

What do you think?

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20 days ago

Names, addresses, telephone number ?? Why do you need to sign-in if you want to watch a video ? And ANY data can be shared with investigators. In pre-electronic age, police had a right to read your letters (read not intercept) if required for an investigation. This is just the electronic version of the same. Plus did you read the Terms of Service ?? There must be a couple of sentences there somewhere saying they can share data with law enforcement.

steven casteel
steven casteel
19 days ago

This is pretty darn scary.”

You make it sound like this hasn’t been going on for decades now. What you’re seeing is just soft disclosure because their dark sorcery rules require them to do so every once in a while. Everything you type and say is being monitored. Even on encrypted Signal or Telegram channels. Heck, the tech to read minds is here also and might be deployed at the same scale.

19 days ago

It might be that all those jokes people made about being on government watch lists were true. I’ve also heard the NSA has been doing this for a long time as well. They can get your information for any reason.

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