George Carlin Tells Us What the News Media is All About

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Carlin Disrespecter
Carlin Disrespecter
1 month ago

If you’re under some delusion that George – named after America’s most famous Freemason – Carlin is on the side of the little guy & gal, you’re sadly mistaken. He was a massive Marxist (his line “those who hold economic power” was attacking White people), going on constant screeds against the West & its founders. How do you think he stayed employed by big record companies? They don’t pay their employees to be supportive of traditional values. Listen to Carlin all but admit to being a Satanist in his scathing 8-minute stand-up bit “There Is No God.” Go to the 1:45 mark at – “I became a Sun worshipper…” We know what that’s code for. Light, heat, fire, burning, Sun, Moon, eclipses, equinoxes… Babylonian religion(s) based on ritual sacrifice. The difference separating Lucifer, Moloch, Bohemian Grove, Waco, and 9/11 is not that great.

More importantly, listen to his album titled I Kinda Like It When A Lotta People Die. (Edgy!) It was recorded on… drumroll… September 9th & 10th, 2001. He was one of them. He was in on it. He hated you and me with a burning passion. Wikipedia: “In the set’s 10-minute closer, ‘Uncle Dave’, Carlin explains why he likes ‘big, fatal disasters with lots of dead people’, asking: ‘Y’know what’s the best thing I can hear on television? ‘We interrupt this program’ … Y’know the worst thing I can hear? ‘No one was hurt’ … I’m always rooting for a really high death toll, that’s why I like natural disasters.’ He goes on to list the pros and cons of various natural disasters, culminating in a doomsday scenario in which Earth collapses and ‘trillions’ of disgruntled ‘Uncle Daves’ everywhere are finally happy. An earlier joke in the set includes reference to Osama bin Laden and an exploding airplane.” I sure am glad Carlin was on OUR side!

He liked to complain about the news media only because he thought it was too conservative & pro-West. (I don’t know how old you are, but back in the day, the news would simply report on various natural disasters, wars, sports, human interest stories, etc., with little to no editorializing.) You’re looking at this quote through a modern lens, since the news has gone so comically far left in the past few decades. He worshipped violence, humiliation, abortion, division, chaos… I could go on.

His famous “Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television” monologue tried to mainstream the usage of explicit, perverse language and its associated behaviors.

Some of his other stand-up album titles: Life Is Worth Losing; Playin’ With Your Head [MK Ultra?]; It’s Bad For Ya. His very first standup album cleverly worked the concepts of fire and sex rabbit outfits into its premise & title: [Jack] Burns And Carlin At The Playboy Club Tonight. See the word “burn”? Reminds me of how Audrey HepBURN died on Bill Clinton’s first inauguration day, which just happened to be the birthday of George BURNS (yes, he had Freemasonry & fire built into his stage name), and a few months later the trans Marxist Janet Reno (whose surname references the 47th state… key Freemasonic number) burned up kids at the aforementioned Waco. The Clintons’ die-nasty got off to a smashing, fiery start. (And I didn’t even have to mention Vince “Suicide By Two Bullets” Foster.) But to get us back on topic, just look at the track titles on Carlin’s various albums over the decades and ask yourself if you would trust this psychopath to babysit your kids, or even if you’d want to get a beer with him.