Disturbing footage of Nickelodeon 'abuser' Dan Schneider filming in a HOT TUB with a 16-YEAR-OLD bikini-clad Amanda Bynes resurfaces online (

The full-length clip was shared on X, formerly Twitter, in light of the allegations made in the recent documentary titled Quiet On Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV.

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26 days ago

This explains why she’s so messed up. This needs stopped before they become so insane.

Here’s a related article to pedos: this is about Further Legalizing pedos in Israel. Israel has been a safe haven for pedos for many many* years.
Israhell gets orphans and sex slaves from the poorest European countries such as Ukraine and Russia. They promise the young teenagers and adults jobs working in hotels like cleaning rooms but as soon as they get there they take their documents and force them into sex trade with bars on their windows. The orphans are sold for sex and sacrifices. The sex slaves better perform or they won’t get basic necessities like being fed etc. Since Israel is a pedo den,(worse than Greece) guess where the real Epstein is?

Steam needs to be called out. Do not support them, do not buy their games. The site is supporting and promoting pedophiles, it takes down posts and threatens/bans anyone saying anyone against the pedoz and insane t****y movement.
Steam Allows pedos to post naked anime children and join private pedo groups which require naked children or naked children anime pics to join and no matter how often you report them the moderators who love pedos ignore it.
(Steam Hired mods working for free from Reddit after they were fired from the leftist extremist terrorist site).
Bitchute has started protecting pedos as well as YouTube. Are they working for the elites? Good pedo cop bad pedo cop?

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20 days ago
Reply to  marie

You really are demonizing Israel but not Islamic jihadists. What’s worse you’re demonizing not a few but the entire nation. Islam Marie

Shirley Temple
Shirley Temple
25 days ago

This fat f**k is the true father of Jamie Lynn Spears child… The media tried to pin the teenage pregnancy on her childhood sweetheart but refused to cover his own protestations that he was not the father.

24 days ago
Reply to  Shirley Temple

it’s just one giant Jerry Springer episode

25 days ago

This is *them* trying to turn the evident rampant pedophilia among the so-called elites into “The TV director’s shocking relations with a minor, his weird obsession with kid’s feet and the disturbing discoveries on his PC. Movie at 11.”

There are decades of evidence of severe child sexual abuse and even murder of children by elite pedophile rings and cults, ranging from the Boys Town, Nebraska (a 1988 police raid revealed a child trafficking and prostitution ring where many prominent members of society as well as government officials) were involved to Comet Ping Pong to the Epstein elite pedophilia kompromat operation, where dozens of current and recent bigwigs in business, entertainment and politics are implicated by name. There’s also the recent revelation of a recent Australian PM being named in a police document regarding a pedophile ring, along with several top judges. There’s also the “coincidence” of John Podesta being at the resort town were Madeline McCann disappeared at the same time of the disappearance.

This “revelation” serves to make it appear like the media is investigating and exposing sexual abuse of minors while also making it look like minor indiscretions of individual creeps. At best this “exposé” will render reactions such as “what a creep, glad people like this are finally being exposed and dealt with” while others will dismiss it as “repressed moralizing” and then people will move on believing that this is what the big stink about elite pedophilia was all about and that the case is now closed. The vast majority of these people would be horrified and outraged at the TRUTH of the horrific and large scale child sex abuse and even child murder practiced by the “elites” of our so-called society.

More and more people are becoming aware of the the child sex abuse perpetrated by our so-called elites and this is the abusers’ and their accomplices’ play to defuse, minimize and dismiss the issue. Don’t play along with this, keep your eye on the ball. The issue here is large scale child sex trafficking abuse by and for our so-called elites, NOT age improper sexual relations. Any focus on that automatically serves to distract and detract from the real issue, the real EVIL at hand here.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if this also turns into “Me too, part two” and serves to vilify white males as sex predators of young women based on witness statements about their experienced improper conduct or harassment and then piled on through social (control) media with an avalanche of women telling of similar “experiences” suffered by older (white) men, just like when they sacrificed Weinstein to create the first “Me too.”

Goop Generation
Goop Generation
25 days ago

A good article on the new documentary:

Brian Peck’s signed John Gacy painting, and his penpal relationship w/ Gacy, is the creepiest revelation. Though the most mundane one – all the celebs who packed the courtroom to support Peck – is maybe the most infuriating.

Another thing that always weirded me out was how on the show You Can’t Do That on Television, which aired on Nickelodeon from 1981-90, the child contestants got “slimed” with the network’s trademark green goop whenever they would say “I don’t know.” This was (is?) sometimes also done to award winners on the network’s Kid’s Choice Awards. Nickelodeon sure loves to squirt or drop goopy liquids onto kids.

Off-topic, but justified by the fact that Will Smith has gotten plenty of Kid’s Choice Awards in his career, and has even hosted them.… Speaking of awards shows, remember when Saints Pro Bowl defensive end Will Smith was murdered in New Orleans hours before frequent New Orleans visitor Will Smith received the Generation Award at the MTV VMAs? A little window into how the sacrifice game works, though it’s usually far less obvious. These two events occurred on April 9, 2016. That year is noteworthy because it had lots of chaotic stuff, primarily Trump beating huge favorite Hillary in the Prez (s)election, as well as the “Black Panther” Super Bowl, which had a black QB starting for the Panthers and known Satanist Beyoncé’s Black Panther-themed performance. In gematria, zeroes are not counted, so 2016 becomes just 216. This number is seen a lot (e.g. 6’6” Michael Jordan’s listed weight while winning his 6th title & 6th Finals MVP in 6 tries) because 216 = 6x6x6, like 666. This month, two Louisiana siblings were awarded $216M after their stepfather murdered their mom.
And provocative things often happen on 2/16, the 47th day of the year. 47 is the Freemasons’ calling card, along w/ 33. (The aforementioned Gacy is said to have tortured and murdered “at least 33” boys & young men. And news of the Louisiana siblings’ $216M settlement broke on 3/3.)

Oh yeah, speaking of the number 6, Will Smith’s first acclaimed acting role was in Six Degrees Of Separation in which he played… a gay con man / thief who swindles wealthy white liberals. Mmhm. People thought he was impressively acting “against type,” but it turns out he was just being himself. All the world’s a stage…

22 days ago

That fat piece of dog s**t had been on the creep radar for a good minute. I am quote surprised it took so long to burn his a*s at thr stake.