Darkest “joke” in Family Guy

Seriously, what even is the punchline here?

What do you think?

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Sell Your TV
Sell Your TV
1 month ago

That’s pretty disturbing, even for an ultra-liberal crypto-Jew like Seth MacFarlane.
Here’s surely the most disturbing thing that has ever been shown in a kids’ / young adults’ cartoon:

The “Tortured Morties” scene (season 1, episode 10) in the subversively vile show Rick And Morty. Dozens of nude boys shackled in crucifix position to a wall, wailing, while being bloodied by sharp-pointed hammering devices. (We are given a “toture p0rn” close-up of wounds being created.) Lots of adrenochrome overtones. I first saw this years ago, before I knew what adrenochrome was, or how the movie Monsters, Inc. was based around it.

Cajun Mom
Cajun Mom
1 month ago

There is nothing funny about this at all! I never could get into Family Guy, never saw it. Now I’m extremely happy about that!

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