The Craft: Legacy-director on the real use of witchcraft in the movie

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1 month ago

All Hellyweird films have always contained black magic. They’re just openly telling us now. The Revelation of the Method. They think that by showing or telling us they are off the karmic hook. Do not bend to any “authority,” “official,” or “expert” whom you wouldn’t trust to care for a loved one; they all have nefarious intentions, even if that is only to keep their cushy gig.

1 month ago
Reply to  Sharine

That is an excellent measure of when to call halt, although overly permissive for too many these days.. Very practically useful.

We all need to to rediscover and trust our internal guidance as it was placed there by our Creator for our use and support.

Modernity calls us “crazy” and doesn’t want to validate because they want to be the “gods” we look to for answers. NO. Father speaks constantly to us all, if we will only still the noise and hone our ears and determine to listen.