Maybe his eye was itchy

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2 months ago

He was in an episode of Black Mirror years ago that was highly symbolic. The plot centered around a dystopian society where people had no freedom, but entertainment (mass media) was highly praised, and fame highly sought. In the episode, he befriends a female citizen who dreams of becoming a pop star. He tells her she has a lovely singing voice and encouraged her dream, as those who can achieve fame appear to make it out of “the system”.
When she goes to audition for a reality show similar to American Idol, she sings her heart out, only to be subjected to harassment by the panelists. They break her spirit and tell her she must become a sex symbol to achieve her dream. She is robbed of her innocence and subjected to horrific things. Later, she is a superstar, but at the price of her soul. Kaluuya’s character mourns for the innocent girl she once was.
In this episode, much like the episode where Miley Cyrus portrayed a troubled pop star who wants to be her own artist, we see many allusions to the real-life Monarch Programming that pop stars must undergo to achieve fame. Those episodes were like a blueprint for what actually happens to these people. Sick and disgusting world.