Documentary Exposes the “Other Holocaust” of Christians in Russia at the Hands of Bolsheviks (

First, this is a perspective of history that is heavily censored here in the West, and that alone should make you curious to watch and learn something that maybe you did not know before, as this version of history is seldom, if ever, taught in American schools.

The documentary is very credible, using actual photos and actual film footage of people such as Winston Churchhill, Jacob Rothschild, and many others in the later parts of the film.

Much of it is in Russian with English subtitles, and it is clear that some of the film clips, although obviously old and in black and white, are dramatizations of what happened during the Bolshevik massacres, although they are obviously not from any films produced in Hollywood or the U.S.

They are probably from early Russian films, or films from former Soviet States such as Poland, giving their version of what happened during WWII.

The Russian Christian Holocaust at the hands of the Bolsheviks is truly horrifying, and this is not a film for the faint of heart, and under no circumstances should it be viewed by children or younger people who could suffer trauma from watching this.

Secondly, this film starts out by exposing the Globalists who rose to power in the 1700 and 1800s, the Jewish bankers, namely the Rothschilds.

What do you think?

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1 month ago

Thank you for sharing this. This would be a hard task to undertake with busy schedules and things but I am going to try to watch all of this.

1 month ago

The word “holocaust” comes from the Greek expression όλος Καυστος which means “Entirely Burnt” (Holos = All/Entire Kaustos = Burnt as the Modern English Caustic)

This Ancient Koine Greek term itself originates from the Hebrew עולה “olah” which references a burnt offering at the alter of a sacrificial lamb; which is prescribed by pharisee levitical law to be completely consumed by the fire.

The massive burning pits of the Nasi death camps (which you’ve called fake…) were the reason for the use of this term; those killed and burnt by the Nasis were only 40% “Jewish” in WWWII, as the “unfit,” gypsys, romas, gays, and others were also shot/gassed, and then burnt on mass graves until completely cremated.

Using this term to reference what the Bolshevik’s did is a highly propagandistic misnomer (intended to generalize and rebrand the term) as most of their victims were not cremated.

FYI most Jews use the term “Sho’a” to refer to the mass nasi killing specifically of Jews, and “Holah-Kausten” to refer to the mass burnings themselves, without any respect to who was being burned.

As we discussed before, when you actually quoted as authoritative a senator who was an active KKK member and head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, whom took personal favors from Allan Dulles the founder of the C1@, the Bolsheviks were equal opportunity mass genocidal maniacs. They brazenly genocided millions of Ukrainians, Caucus peoples, Germans, Lithuanians, Polish, Jews, Mongols, and indeed Eastern Orthodox Christians. Their criteria was simple: does a group of people represent a perceived threat to dictatorial power of the state? If Yes, then Mass murder.

Your pushing wordsmithed propaganda which uses partial and twisted reality that is heavily based on your own in group biases. Take a read of the economic works od Anthony Sutton: your principally “Christian” and often Ethnic German government (operation paper clip) of the USA, was funding and propping up the Russians for nearly 50 years, while encouraging these mass genocides.

1 month ago
Reply to  444Gem

Olah = Burnt Offering

1 month ago
Reply to  flipthepyramid


Thank you for giving a sincere, respectful and thought-out response. Only as such can we ever come closer to The Truth. May YHWH bless you.

It is clear to me from your posts and comments that you have gained some awareness of the deeper, insidious nature of the Luciferian N3W W0rld 0Rder (to whom you apply the misnomer “globalist,” which is like calling a dog a “woof woof animal”), but have done so only by consuming substantial quantities of secondary and tertiary sources that are heavily slanted and twisted towards “the real victim is the white man,” and “it’s all the Kabal of bad-bad Zionist globalist jews to blame.” material. This is but a fragment, a partial Truth, of a much more insidious reality of Luciferian power. There are many roads to one Truth, so continue to walk. Continue to ask, seek and knock, and you shall find.

In order to really understand what is going on, you absolutely MUST being to understand the power of the word, which you deride as merely “semantics…” in a way that makes them appear inconsequential. Yet, you ou have chosen now twice here on VL, to play “semantics” re-apply the term holocaust to people groups that had chosen to engage widely in state and religious-sponsored genocide (the eastern orthodox church and the Vatican were heavily in favor of the nazis, and many of their rank and file adherents chose to mass kill in these programs) directly before they themselves were massacred in mass genocidal military operations. This is a terrible atrocity, Murder we shall NOT, but within the wider public consciousness, it is a clear, and propagandistic choice you are making to use and rebrand “holocaust” because of issues you have with feelings of guilt and shame about your German ancestors. Stop hiding behind the “oh I use holocaust because it just means genocide,” its disingenuous, and you are smart enough to know this.

You could equally call these terrible atrocities of the bolsheviks:

1) Massacres
2) Mass Murders
3) Slaughters
4) Genocides
5) Ethnic Cleansings
6) Brutal Killings
7) Decimations of the Populace
8) Carnages
9) Mass Bloodsheds
10) Pogroms

But you have now twice specifically chosen holocaust, which although you were completely unaware, is taken directly from Aryeh Yehudah. The term “holocaust” and the events to which it refers have certainly been instrumentalized and used in nefarious propaganda (Pro-Pagan, meaning literally, “for the uneducated masses” which later became the term pagan meaning “non-christian,” in reference to dirty “non-christians” who were seen as being backwards rural folk in the late roman empire, a Pagan originally being a rural administrative district in the empire) which has generally instilled great shame and guilt into your psyche, and a great many European White people’s psyches.

In fact, christianity as you know it, is a SOLAR RE-LEGION (Legione of Ra, the armies of the sun god) that is designed purposefully for mass mind control, such to as instill great shame and guilt into its subjects. It is the same as Maha-Amutism, which was a slightly altered version for Arabian peoples in the 600s CE, and what you call “Judaism,” which did not exist whatsoever (there is 0 archeological evidence) before 191 BCE, when the SATURN HEXAHEDRON (aka the San Hedron) was established, and then extended later under the Ha-SHEM-OANNEN (“Hashmoneans” meaning, “Those that are The Fish Man” aka the beast out of the sea), in order to create slaves of the ISIS-RA-ELIS (Israel…. Isis-Ra-El, astrotheology….) under Seleucid (Greco-Persian) Command. This is where the term Ba-Ra-Abban (Barrabas) comes from in the scriptures, it references the head of the San Hedron, whom has the Ba of Ra as his lord (Solar worship, Luciferianism.)

These three piscean solar religions which survive to modernity, are a perpetration of mind control instituted by the Luciferian world order (A LIGHT WORSHIPPER LUC = LIGHT) in order to divide and conquer the populace WITH THE WORD. The emperor that ultimately gave state authority to the abomination of “Christianity,” (which has nothing to do with the actual teachings in scripture) Constantine, worshipped the sun, and carried forth X-ianity to ensure a program of mass genocide and eugenics of the European populace by selection of consciousness over the next 1500 years. Think about it for a moment:

From ~400-1800 CE, Anyone wise enough in Europe to speak against the absurd DOG-MA (dog star anubis) of the BIG PAPA, was informed on by his family and friends to the power structure, who feared eternal hellfire, and then immediately removed from the populace by way of public and very brutal torture killings, INCLUDING BLOOD SACRIFICE BY FIRE, aka heresy burnings, AKA HOLO-KAUSTEN (sacrificial Burnings of humans…) This is the power of the word, which you deride as “semantics” but which has changed the fate of humanity many times over, and can guide us as to the realities with which we are faced.

It is written in Proverbs:

“The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

Lest you know, the scriptures themselves equate the very creation of the universe, and YHWH himself with THE WORD and HEIS BREATHE, which you appear to still believe are merely SHEM-ANTICS. The word itself comes to English from the Greek SEMA -ANTIKOS, meaning “Symbols, meanings, constellations.” They are the signs by which our very existence is given. Hence why YHWH is called HA-SHEM throughout the scriptures.

In Psalms 33:8 it is written:

“By THE WORD OF YHWH The heavens were created, and by the breath of Heis mouth, all was brought together and ordered.”

This references to the spoken commands such as “Let there be light.” which is actually, Let there be AUR, meaning (ORDER OF THE COSMOS.)

Hence, the very term Holo-Kausten, unbeknownst to most “jews” (which I am not a Jew FYI, I would not dare to put a Ka-Ba-Allah Black Cube on my forehead and a serpent wrapped around my arm), is used because it is a direct reference to the very nature of this specific mass genocide: it was a form of Olah, burnt offering to Lucifer, the great mother whom lusts for blood eternally. The reason you hear about it so much, was because it was in and of itself designed as a timed and organized blood sacrifice which would be echoed throughout the consciousness of a humanity across the ages, and serve as a form of changing the branching of space and time as we enter into the N3w W0rld 0rder in the later half of the 20th century. You see this on varying scales with events like 9/11, which is largely imprinted upon the western human psyche, or even the astro-world sacrifice event, which they went to great lengths to spread among the people. The Luciferians publicize their various specific blood sacrifices for their ability to use them to attach words, which are SPELLed (casting a SPELL), to the images of these events, and inflict large scale changes upon the conciousness, thoughts, and decisions of the unwashed masses.

Look even the term “German” as it is used today, as you have just used it, is a newly conjured-up and re-fangled term of the 19th century, coming originally from Roman era Latin term Guer-mania, invented by another Genocidal Maniac Julius Ceaser (who became the SOLAR EMPEROR and was not a talmudist…) It has the meaning in Latin: War Maniacs/Those that love War… The term Ger-Mania invented by Ka-saros (Ceaser, which means Spirit of the beast Ka = Spirit Saros beast, the eclipse cycle, Luciferians worship light….) referred to only one small conglomerate of tribes just east of the Rhine River, whom were less than 5% of what is now considered “German,” a fanciful invention under the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire, and the institution of Otto Van Bismark. This word certainly has had its effect upon your psyche and actions, as you Pro-Pagan-te their Pro-Pagan-da in an effort to lidiate with your guilt they have instilled through their false and twisted narratives of history.

Maybe next you can make an in-depth post on the “holocaust,” of the Japanese soldiers against the civilian Han Chinese in early WWII? The total death toll from this slaughter, including mass burnings and using babies are target practice, far exceeds Eastern Orthodox Christians, Jews of the Holos-Kausten, and “Germans” by a factor of 10-30 fold, approximately 20-50 million.

1 month ago
Reply to  flipthepyramid


1 month ago

Download it, watch it on faster speed. I’m not into nationalism either, I have reason to believe our history has been completely taken and twisted for hundreds of years and borders were not a thing at one time. I have reason to believe there was a mass slaughter around the world that is completely hidden from sight and erased with old time Photo shopping chopping done. I don’t have time to argue about the controllers in great depth so please do your own research but I’d like to say the controllers are almost all wearing kippas and studying the kabaalah, worshipping their god Satan/Saturn. They are found through many religions but they love the kabaalah and have a thing with their bloodline. I also want to underline the fact If you question the Holocaust narrative that is shoved down our throats repeatedly through educational systems and media you can be thrown in prison in Europe, just for looking into it wrong or asking the wrong questions. Those bitchute videos are not available to various Europeans because bitchute has to block different ips from various material, when countries request it, for Europeans it is Holocaust and Jewish psyops/control/world domination type things. My stance on the Holocaust still stands, I’ve seen too much to believe they gassed them in mass gas chambers. It was physically impossible. Why build a fake gas chamber chimney after the war? They simply did not have the mass chambers or supplies or time or even bodies it would take and it’s been proven false but videos continually get removed so good luck.. They were given better food than the Germans in many camps, the whole country was being starved so yes they weren’t fed good in the end because the Germans were dying of starvation too and in fact our allies put Germans into camps and starved them to death on purpose without any kind of attempt to feed anything and that is not denied and can be confirmed through photos and the mass death piles that remain sitting there, funny those bones didn’t disappear or need burnt but remember don’t investigate it if you’re in certain euro countries or you could be thrown in prison. If Germans wanted to kill the Jews they could have done the same thing they didn’t need to drag it out. The Jewish camps however had swimming pools, soccer teams(football in Europe) kindergarten, music lessons with instruments of, w***e houses, their own court and judge, even movie theater. Why build camps with all these features if they’re just going to kill them? Why did they need musical instruments to be put in gas chambers that were made without any sealing, from wooden doors opening from the inside which would have killed those operating them? Why give the children paint for the kindergarten? They did shave their heads but that was due to disease spread by lice etc. most died of disease. I’m sure they were experimenting on them but it was not a usual thing and can be related to psychopaths which our government hired immediately afterwards vs punish. Some Jews were most likely tortured and raped as is the case with anyone locked up in war time including Germans. The photos put up in the camp for today’s tourists of the starving people in camps were found to be people in the Soviet Union being starved by the Jewish bulshitvicks and had to be removed. Many of the tear jerking stories of people in various camps were found to be actors and not even born during those times or in the camps they claim. Many repeated stories were scientifically impossible. The Germans took great records and would not shy from writing down gas chamber deaths and experiments but instead wrote on the deaths of disease etc. did Germans light villages on fire? That is possible and I heard it happened but they left the Jews alive and the Jewish bulshitvicks starved them to death afterwards. Did they kill Jews? Of course, they had to sacrifice a few for the cause, the whole sacrifice, the main purpose was to create Israel and Jewish Rothschild was the one in charge of both sides of the war. They wrote they would make the Germans feel guilty and hate themselves and make their own people who they didn’t kill off have victim status so they wouldn’t be questioned. I do not hate Jews I hate the religion involving the kabaalah and the fact there is a mass cover up and denial going on in place to cause white guilt complex while Europeans are being genocided and it’s denied when it is obvious to anyone who has a eye to see or who isn’t brain dead media controlled puppets. My opinion might be wrong as yours could be but I think you are all suffering from this white guilt complex and worry people will hunt innocent Jews down who aren’t sacrificing children and eating them when the full truth gets exposed. I don’t think that would happen because without the satanic Saturn Jewish media control people are less blood thirsty and simply want to govern themselves and be left alone. First I think we need to hunt the controllers down who are khabalists and exchange them with the Jan 6 people locked in dungeons with those running the major religions, then all involved be investigated including the kippa wearing kabaalah Vatican for theft of history, murders tortures sacrifices and conspiracy against people of the world, same with leaders of all countries especially Rothschild’s owned Israel. If we don’t stop their playbook which through history has repeated itself as they are not original and have to do things in specific dates there will be a mass death around the world and then total enslavement of the mind for anyone left. This is a bigger threat to the world imo than innocent Jews being beaten which I don’t want either. This to me is the greatest threat of all. I don’t care about religions besides investigating leaders involved with the cult which happens to be run by Satan khabalists and the religions that call for total enslavement of all races except for their own and are in that process. This needs a big discussion just like the Muslims who want to kill non believers. I dislike religions no matter what race is involved because of the mind control which say one race is better or one people who believe this or that can kill others who don’t believe. It needs to stop. We cannot live side by side like that. They are all controlled by the same people who want death. We do not need world leaders or world governments or even world religion. In Europe Muslims are young males without families being injected into Europe to spread their religion and kill rape and cause trouble because their countries were destroyed through the taxes being confiscated by these kippa kabaalah wearing people so called leaders who promote the Kalergi plan and award each other for genociding Europeans. This was planned.
Why is it important to kill us all off with genocide except those in Israel? Why are we such a threat to their world slavery plan? Why are they trying to breed with us by only letting in mostly Europeans into Israel for all these years and sending others in mass to other countries? Do they want to be the only blood left of Europeans after the slaughter? They have claimed identities this way before. I’m not sure but this has to stop.
I might just list the usual plays they use for their playbook in the future, I don’t have time now. It is important to say I don’t call for the deaths of all Jews, I call for the khabalists to be investigated for murder torture rape etc and call for the elite and leaders to be locked up and not allowed to destroy society further. I call for the taxes to not go to destroying people’s homes but rebuilding them so they can live in their lands in peace and Europeans can live in their own. The beliefs do not melt together well and are causing to much suffering.
Khabalist Jews will need to give up their power and move in their own place to live in somewhat peace (they will sacrifice their own children they produce if they can’t find a replacement) because you cannot live amongst people you see as cattle to use them in peace. They need to stop torture murder and sacrificing even their own children. They need to stop genociding Palestinians and if you think they aren’t go ahead and watch some unedited banned videos on them where they proudly kill innocent people in mass. They are being taken down by b***h shoot which are obviously under control to gain your identity so don’t sign up unless your using some good VPN but there are some telling clips so you better try to find them before the people watching this place and other sites to covering up history find them first. Better yet…Download them like I do. It’s good to discuss these things without hatred but with a desire to solve this s***e pile of needless human suffering we were all born into. Even if we don’t agree now how things happened we need to identify the cult, the entire elite and call them out on their crap. I’m seeing them wear kippas but pretend to be other religions, they all worship Saturn, obsessed over their bloodline and all use the kabaalah. They manipulate wars and groups of people to kill each other. They think everyone else is cattle and they are some demi gods which can kill rape and torture without guilt. They pose as others, take identities, claim others do whatever atrocities they do themselves, continually leech off the world, create non-stop suffering for power and are happy to kill anyone in the way. They will torture then kill their own people if they get in the way. They use mind control and technology they have hoarded for years and only release things to the public if they can benefit. Your history was taken and twisted, rewritten and if you knew the truth you would be shocked for days. You will find out what I’m talking about and that’s another reason they want to reset things for the (insert random number here) time. They are the snake eating it’s tail destroying your past the same way they created it. We have one chance to come together and stop them before it’s too late, you were given brains for a reason and leaving it up to Jesus to save the planet every time these guys pull this crap is not cool. He doesn’t help those who don’t try to help themselves first, let me repeat, you have a brain for a reason.

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