Class of 3000 – We Want Your Soul

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2 months ago

They just put it right out there don’t they? Reminds me a bit of the video for Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz. With a similar larger character who is clearly a stand in for the devil controlling Russel while he drums too.

Shirley Temple
Shirley Temple
2 months ago
Reply to  fuzz

This was a cartoon fronted by and with music by OutKast’s Andre 3000. Curiously enough, not long after this project and attaining the pinnacle of pop music success, he largely retreated from the industry and public life, putting out flute music.

He was also in a relationship and has a child with Erykah Badu, who seems to be some sort of handler for elite rappers who could be considered to be within the “music illuminati” – Common (now a Microsoft spokesperson and also allegedly “dated” industry plant Tiffany Haddish), Jay Electronica (deeply esoteric rapper and suspected ghostwriter who was in a long-term relationship a Rothschild), and The D.O.C. (an associate of Dr. Dre who is a prolific ghostwriter and released a very interesting album called Helter Skelter, and I must draw particular attention to the song “Secret Plan”).

Shirley Temple
Shirley Temple
2 months ago
Reply to  Shirley Temple

Recommended listening: The D.O.C. – Secret Plan (1996)

As I submit the new world grows in
Six, I cover myself with lamb skin
Black family, five point to win
Then again, Prophecy, watch the Vatican
You must begin to think, sit up
And you can see all 22 was lit up
With the Skull and Bone
Picture what is known of the Scroll and Key
Of the D.O.C

I have a secret plan
New world connects the next man
Other hand, the one fake god
Light, Neophyte
Spit on the cross from a pit
And I look and I behold a Pale Horse
Forty-Second degree, mind in the source
Originally from the brotherhood
From the beginning, but you never could listen
Hey Cat, kept undercover, another rung in the ladder
Six got hung by the Beast
Looking for the Golden Fleece
With shackles
Look at the jackals scream Peace
To a ring to fill
Death come quicker when you shoot to kill
Bloody Mary, sleep with your gun
Show me the sign innocent one
The end might come
Now whatchya gonna do
Be too cocky not to get it all right, so
Who shall save the human race, none
Six thousand, erase, replace…

There be a power, so organize
Look for Brotherhood
Make light disguise
Symbol of who arrives
For thousand years to pass, remember
Religion is but a tool to control your a*s
Reflect for when the millennium connect
Esoteric enlighten-ment of the elect
Come face the Order
Witness the illogical manslaughter now
Follow the Master, Supreme Degree
The new world girl found death at 33
That’s 13 levels above thee I see
Deal to never reveal the real keys
To the esoteric language
As you enter a brand new age of anguish
Police turn my n****s into thieves
No matter, six thousand delete, repeat

Momma I don’t want to die
Mind crawl
Circle complete when they creep the cat claw
Alien, secret unto the ages
Pour out some liquor to the dead sea pages
Knights! History hidden
We forgetting from where the Book came
Brotherhood of the insane
Humanity you can not identify thyself
I sign and pray
Sign, hand over forehead
Countersign pyramid, eagle wing spread,hey
Luciferian, totalitarian, socialistic, twistic mind
So when they bail
Holy blood, holy grail
Historically, they don’t want a n***a to see
Try that and we’ll be Dunkirk
Political murdering, do the gun work
To replace the hell
Into a jail cell
Society, don’t want you in they clientele
No matter, six thousand we blood runnin’
’95’s the beginning, watchout, it’s comin’!

Airplane Clouds
Airplane Clouds
2 months ago
Reply to  Shirley Temple

My buddy was a huge hip hop fan and was way ahead of us all when it came to the Illuminati, freemasonry and all that!
I see why now!

Blonde Ambition
Blonde Ambition
2 months ago

They even nailed the short-cropped blond hair, which is frequently sported by those who have recently sold their souls, particularly in the R&B / hip hop world. In approximate chronological order: Madonna, Goldie, Eminem, Pink, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, Kelis, Eve, Frank Ocean, Andre 3000 (tying in with the name of this cartoon), Kanye, Fantasia, Saweetie, Katy Perry, Lil Nas X, Doja Cat, etc. Even as far back as Etta James on the cover of her 1960 debut album At Last!, which may be an outlier. (But combining opposites, such as using the word Last in the name of a first album, is something Satanic elites have always loved to do.) In the rock world: Rob Halford, Kurt Cobain, Cat Power, Dolores O’Riordan, etc.
And in the non-music world, the lovely Joy Reid recently has rocked it to absurd effect. Maybe she has an album dropping soon. NBAers Dennis Rodman, Jason Kidd, Kyle Kuzma & Jeremy Sochan (who idolizes Rodman) have too. If only politicians could show us with their coifs that they have been bought & sold.