The joke was on us.

Everytime I would see a nurse point that temp gun at someone, I would get the image of a gun being pointed to someones head.  I thought to myself, the elite’s sick joke … covid is like putting a gun to our head, like Russian roulette.

To hell with all of them!

What do you think?

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2 months ago

Ephesians 6:12

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

I get where you’re coming from, brother, I’ve been there for the past going-on 4 years like many of us, but it’s become clearer and clearer by the day that we have to direct our energy toward the real enemy, that is, those demons and satan, who empowers all the so-called elites (who ultimately are meaningless puppets). That’s where real change can be affected, by God’s grace and power. Get right with God and allow Him to use your energy to truly fight back for the glory of Truth.

2 months ago
Reply to  Trut4seeker

Ephesians is such a great book. 🙂

2 months ago
Reply to  ibelieve

Indeed, amen 🙂 then again, they’ve all got such greatness and unique messages/lessons/wisdom/explanations. Glory to our Father.

2 months ago

It’s not just the horrible feeling that some of us feel. It’s that the wayward wizards intend to use their zombified cushy-job-keeping career clowns to point *actual wea.pons* at innocent folks who revoke consent, as if they will USE those wea.pons.

It is a TRAINING PROGRAM designed for maximum trauma-based mind-control.

Revoke consent now, even if you can only do it in the mental/spiritual field. Energy and frequencies are real.

This is an incrementalist agenda, and they assume our TACIT CONSENT over each generational magic show.

Revoke your consent now.

This is what my inner Divine Guidance tells me.

You may feel differently, in which case I don’t hate you for thinking that I am silly.

Peace and love.

2 months ago
Reply to  Sharine

The (energetic) realm of cause is where everything comes from; everything. Nothing becomes until it is first an energetic thought; without exception.
You’re not silly; you’re accurate.

“If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration.” 
-Nikola Tesla

WE know how this unfolds – it’s an invitation to awakening for the hypnotized & sleepwalkers.
When did Light ever not vanquish the dark?

2 months ago

I used to drop off a child at school in the morning during the early weeks of the sanity crisis; I watched those “teachers”/state agents put their guns to every child’s head – *and pull the trigger*, every day, with a smile – and expect zero opposition or objection.

All the children by default were forced to watch as the “teachers”/authority figures/ state agents put guns to their friends’ heads & pulled their triggers every day, demand submission & compliance… and expect & require no objection.

(Had it been my own child they never would have been sent back; sadly it was not, so not my decision)
On the 2nd day, after feeling sickened from watching – recognizing – that operant conditioning ritual just one time and feeling deeply disturbed, I could not participate or allow a child I care for to be subjected to that despicable and corrosive conditioning.
I *made a scene* the 2nd day (by being bold enough to get out of my car and assertively – in their faces, no pretending – refuse the ritual with the principal and the agent who was about to offend; I vehemently in the strongest (non-expletive) terms possible condemned the operant conditioning ritual of ‘guns-to-their-heads’, and voiced my refusal to allow putting the gun to my charge’s head… and stated the requirement to test the wrist instead. ALL children could have been tested at the wrists, as per the instructions that come with those guns… the state agents simply chose to put their guns to every child’s head every day & pull the trigger, day after day, for months; smiling…
mindless, indoctrinated robots that they are.

The school called the child’s father to complain about my objection and apparently I was the bad guy – I was told by the father to stop telling them not to put a gun to the child’s head and stop making trouble. A police vehicle with 2 LEOs inside was parked at the drop off point on the premises the next morning (3rd day).
After the 2nd day onward, I kept the child’s window up and made the “teacher”/state agent listen to me state their instruction “only on the wrists”, and then agree verbally & audibly before I unlocked & let the door open.

I didn’t ever see even one other child get their test done on the wrist; my charge never got the gun aimed at their head again – we talked about what to do and practiced how to block the gun approaching the head by raising either wrist quickly in front of the head and stepping back one full stride while saying “only on the wrist.
Every day I reminded the child it was not OK for those state agents to be putting guns to all these friends heads like this. I did not want the conditioning to stick from being unacknowledged & passively accepted.

I’ve been calling public school “government indoctrination concentration camp” for a long time (I hated being trapped there myself long ago) – the 4th reich-esque operant conditioning ritual of authority figures/state agents – teachers of compliance with state control – putting guns to the heads of all the children and pulling the triggers daily, while smiling, really confirmed the accuracy of the description.

2 months ago
Reply to  AmaraGrace

Thank you for sharing. It’s truly disturbing to imagine what children have been put through in the past few years. Public school was a dystopian wasteland when I attended decades ago; I can only imagine how much worse it’s gotten in the intervening years. I’m so glad that I don’t have children and I feel terribly for all parents today. There is so little hope for their kids to retain their innocence and be taught any truth in life. I wish we could go back in time, to a time when kids were allowed to be kids and the indoctrination was not so heavy.

2 months ago
Reply to  Lee

I agree – yet we’d have to go back a very, very long way – more than a century! I’ve visited an elementary school in the few years prior to the sanity crisis… for events with my charge… and found it to be a crowd-control situation – literally wild behavior of neurologically damaged/heavily Vx’d crowds of children combined with apathetic & docile “teachers” re: the out of control behavior expressions were deeply disturbing to me; very like a prison riot is what I remember thinking at the time. Since then I’ve seen a meme that shows side-by-side public-school & prison environments – busses & cafeterias – they are identical!
It sickens me that ‘closing schools’ and ‘children out of the classrooms’ was/is still decried as “damaging”… it’s the gov’t. indoctrination concentration camp environment that’s damaging to most young Humans in a much worse way. That their union fought to keep schools closed, and teachers were content to stay out of work as long as possible, was not mysterious to me either; it was a mental health respite/sabbatical for them as well.

For a minority of children, that environment is, in a way, less abusive than their home environment; most children are solidly between a rock & a very hard place in that their parents both “have to” work jobs for a paycheck outside the home to pay for a roof over their family’s heads and the bare necessities, so as to also provide a relative few optional accessories; sending them to school is the most efficient childcare option – I didn’t say ‘best’, nor do most understand how it isn’t “best”.

I was a stay-@-home full-time parent so I could raise my own children; older ones started elementary school (we were in a foreign country) but we switched to homeschool by JrH (in the US, so they never went back into); youngest homeschooled until they chose to engage with schooling gave them some years to develop their own minds & learn how to think before they went into the belly of that beast. They all but one chose to engage for a time; only one (younger w/ just a couple yrs of HS) actually did the ‘graduation’ part (from art school); all but that one got GEDs in mid-teens instead. All have done some college but found that hollow & unproductively unsatisfying as well (great stories of inability/unwillingness to conform there, which makes me proud).

Full-time parenting requires a measure of creativity to navigate the financial downgrade of a one-parent income for the average/lower income family, yet is still doable (I know someone doing it); single parents don’t stand a chance unless they’re creative enough to run their own successful business from home part-time… which is what gov’t indoctrination concentration camp is designed for thwarting – it pro-actively & deliberately actually crushes both creativity & logical thinking skills – not to mention self-sufficiency – in Humans.

I celebrated when the schools closed – and gave my charge another kind of experience even though there were online classes; the rest of the time we did stuff that made the experience of “isolation” beneficial. We never stayed away from friends or pretended that we were “dangerous” to one another’s/anyone’s “health” or “lives” – especially not for Grandmas… Grandmas/kids had *full & uninterrupted access*!
All I did was decline to align with the globalist/MKU rituals – so provided a different perspective totally opposite from the fear-p**n narrative – and just continued to enjoy – in added ways – the life we all share.  

I don’t have a “wide” influence… but ‘that one starfish wasn’t left to die on the beach’, as it were. I wanted to do so much more, and that had to be enough as I experienced my Divinely orchestrated personal assignment (I recognize everyone’s assignment is unique in this ‘Hero’s Journey’, of our Human-evolution process).