THE BOYS Season 4 predictive programming trailer


“Rome, Greece, all democracies fail because people are f*cking stupid. But if you crush the masses, who builds your monuments? Who tongues your taint? No, the people will tear it apart themselves, you just gotta nudge them a little. Then you get to swoop in and be the one saving it. Like Caesar? Like Caesar.”

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Disappointing but still have joy
Disappointing but still have joy
2 months ago

Beware…Lots of cussing and disgusting language…didn’t even finish watching. Reading was bad enough. Of course Holly weird if awful.

2 months ago

Um, the US is a Constitutional Republic (not that I subscribe to govern-ment = mind-control).

Doesn’t the colloquial phrase “the boys” refer to male testicles? What is this movie propagandizing? The annihilation of males?

The wayward wizards want to do away with males because they have the creative life-force in their sperm. This is central to their Cosmic Androgyne Agenda (“the two become one”). That’s why Hellyweird is filled with MTF trannies and has been . . . since its inception just after the turn of the 20th century. They are castrating boys and raising them as women, butchering them to re-make them into women, as if the surgeries and hormones can literally *do away* with men altogether.

That is what the letter “X” is about in the media, we’re seeing it everywhere, not only the rebranded Twitter. High-profile people making the X symbol with their hands, arms, eyes, legs, etc. New companies and products with “X” in the name. It goes on and on because these high-profile entities are extensions of the “X” agenda.