FLASHBACK: Katt Williams accused of torture

In 2016, an article on was published, detailing how Katt Williams tortured a 36 year old actress named Jamila Majesty.

In the article, Jamila recounts how she was invited to his mansion.  Many juicy tid bits can be had, so be sure to read it.

Here are three snippets to get your eye brow raised high:

“Majesty had pulled up to Williams’ gated mansion and was greeted by a scantily clad woman who parked her car. Once inside, she noticed two other women with head scarves and a third woman, “no more than 18 years old,” who was baking cookies.”

“Williams invited her upstairs — where a holstered gun dangled from a throne — and bragged that the women were all going to sleep in his bed that night. At one point, Majesty noticed a Wiccan book on a table.”

“Majesty claimed Williams spoke of God while he burned her with cigarettes on her face and cheeks and repeatedly screamed, “Are you a Michael Jackson fan?”

A wiccan book? 😳 Could he be a practitioner?  A girl no more than 18 – has he dipped below this age?  A throne with a holstered gun hanging off it?  Who does he think he is, Tony Montana? Her testimony paints him as an ego driven maniac. 


Katt Williams and his girls tortured me for hours

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2 months ago

Kat’s definitely into some cultish stuff…

2 months ago


2 months ago

He exposes the industry again and then this comes out… when it was originally published in 2016, truth or not don’t know but the industry still needs to be exposed!