California paying for illegal migrants to gender transition sparks fury (

About 700,000 additional illegal migrants in California are eligible for gender-affirming care from Medi-Cal beginning January 1.

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3 months ago

The transgender agenda has always been about making people unable to reproduce by seducing them into sabotaging their reproductive organs. They align the karmic balance by saying they never forced you. It was your choice.

It was never a movement of equality but eugenics instead. It fascinates me the level of hypnosis and ignorance that permeates through society.

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3 months ago

They just let in more than 1k military aged and all male Chinese. They were stopped at the border but the regime pushed them through. China has been implementing military training in their schools, they study the art of war, while Americans are studying the art of transforming genders and being lgbtqpedophilebeastiality.

It is not cheap for them to come here either, this is highly planned and paid for by major players in wef

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